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Karlić truffles - The rich flavour of the black truffle

The rich flavour of the black truffle

The rich flavour of the black truffle

Karlić truffles - The rich flavour of the black truffle in
Karlić Truffles - black

It’s that time of the year!

It is around this beautiful time, that another peak season starts. Not the one with vibrant colours but the one a bit more “mysterious”, more enchanting. The peak season of the black truffle.

This little, black piece of edible, natural art is a part of the family of black truffles native to Southern Europe. Even though black truffles can be found in places outside Croatia – Istrian black truffle is rare and truly unique. This species reside under oak woods of Motovun, on the magical Istrian peninsula. And they make every dish magical, as well.

Black truffle is among the most expensive ingredients in the world. There are thousands of black truffle enthusiasts – from professional chefs, to truffle lovers and food bloggers – who find this ingredient simply “the best there is”. To be more accurate, black truffle is more than a mere ingredient – it is a unique experience that is felt in every bite.

Istrian black truffle is super-rich in flavours and amazing scents. It’s really extraordinary to enjoy it, and it’s definitely worth the effort – no matter if you are providing them for yourself or for your restaurant guests.

There are countless ways to enjoy this experience, and you are on the right place to find about them all, from the very source. We are a family of truffle hunters and experts with a long legacy of truffle hunting, and we can provide valuable information, when it comes to these beautiful little marvels.

So let’s get to it…

First and foremost – the fresh  black truffle

The “Alpha and Omega” of every hedonist’s table, a special touch to many spectacular dishes, a taste rhapsody. 

Fresh truffles are a dream companion for many dishes – from horse steak tartare to jacop’s caps. – and all of these recipes can be found on our website. 

A thinly grated layer of black truffle can turn an outstanding dish into out-of-this-world dish. 

So, here’s how you do it…

Fresh black truffle + meat & cheese truffle plate = a match made in heaven

Slice a big portion of Istrian dry, deer salami with truffles, various dry sausages with truffles and combine it with truffle cheese selection – from goat to sheep cheese. To make this feast unforgettable – gently grate a fair amount of fresh black truffles on top and let the earlier mentioned taste rhapsody begin!

Fresh black truffle + truffle paste canape = bite-size perfection

Black truffle tartufata? Or maybe a minced black truffle paste? Is it going to be a combination of olives and black truffles? Whatever you choose to spread on your toasted bread – it’s going to taste spectacular! Do you want to hear a “little secret”? 

Grate fresh black truffle on every canape and enjoy the rich taste of this istrian specialty!

Fresh black truffle + truffle infused olive oil + black truffle salt = makes life more beautiful

Couple of slices of bread, truffle infused olive oil, black truffle salt – everything rounded up with a fair portion of fresh, black truffle, grated on top of your combination! Can it get better than that?

This is how we do it in Karlić family, and we’re sure you will sense the same excitement when you get your order, almost the same we feel when our loyal dogs find valuable truffles in the ground. It’s the same sentiment – you get something valuable and unique on your hands and you want to make the most out of the experience.

For the end, we have decided to share a combination that will satisfy even the most profound sweet thooths.

Surprise your darling, or make your loved one feel special with a combination of Trufella Noir – a chocolate spread with black truffles and limited edition truffle infused gin. 

The potent and rich flavour of fresh black truffles can make their triumph in raw version or “disguised” in some product in different versions. 

You just have to find yours to enjoy.

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