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Karlić truffles is a small family business in central Istria with a long truffle hunting tradition. We hunt truffles and produce truffle products according to the traditional recipe. We offer over 20 truffle products and fresh truffles, both wild and farmed.

Karlić truffles throughout history

Family Karlić has a 50-year-old tradition in truffle hunting. One of the first truffle hunters in Istria was Ivan Rašpolić, the father of the company director, who passed on his passion for these underground fungi to his entire family. He began the truffle hunt in 1966 when the truffle sites in the Motovun Forest were intact and with very high yields. The largest white truffle site was found in the area of today’s Butoniga Reservoir. The construction of the lake destroyed large habitats of truffles, but still, the highest quality truffles from Istria originate from the forests surrounding today’s lake.

Business development

GIR Ltd. under which the Karlić truffles brand operates was founded in 1994 when truffle hunting in the Karlić family grew from a hobby into a real business. We have expanded our initial range of fresh white and black truffles to other delicious products. Today, in addition to the classic processed truffles and truffle pesto, we offer various truffle delicacies, from chocolates to liqueurs. The company has six full-time employees who, in addition to truffle production and processing, are engaged in an offer made to tourists, which include guided truffle searches, educations, and tastings. Karlić truffles continuously invest in quality and expand its’ tourist and gourmet offer.

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